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Thursday, March 3, 2011

due date is near ....arrgghhh

few days ago , bz sangat ... mana nak siapkan cup cake customer order ... nak cari packaging yang sesuai ... ribbon lagi ... masa pun dah suntuk ....
baru suku yang siap ... harap-harap semua berjalan dengan lancar.
ntah kenapa ... seminggu 2 sebelum projek cup cake ni ... puas i cari cherry...satu jb round...ada memang ada ... tapi tak cukup dan tak menarik hati ! at last jumpa kat singapore !
agaknya ... ramai yang minat buah cherry kot !

order from liza & man for their engagement day door gift

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dearest to all my girlfriend out there .. thank you so much for the support and encouragement. My precious dearest hubby , `waled` “ babe … gua sayang kat lu “ and my girl `eowyn ` “ mummy loves you so much.

To my lovely sis ` merduwati` and my bro `Harman` .. thank you both for everything.thank you for believing my talents and my interest.you both really supported me from the beginning I involved in this field.

`mr cool … thank you for helping me , Ben … you done a great job.your photos are awesome.

I love you guys …. Muaahhssss……hug hug …. Kiss kiss